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How to Protect Yourself from a Cowboy

Do you know what a an unprofessional or cowboy locksmith looks like?


Would be nice if they did go around looking like this but unfortunately in real life they don’t.

So how do you know that you are dealing with a professional locksmith when there are so many directory advertisements and search engine results?

Here are a few tips that should let you decide for yourself.

1. When you phone up does the person answering the call sound knowledgeable?

2. Do they understand your problem or do they hesitate?

3. Ask if they have public liability insurance. If something goes wrong at your property then you know it will be covered if the locksmith is proven negligent. No insurance means when things do go wrong you won’t see them again. Anyone can say “yes” over the phone so to be sure ask for proof when they arrive.

4. Try to agree on a price on the phone before hand and if it increases between the price agreed over the phone to when they turn up at your property tell that you are no longer interested.

5. Don’t just call one phone number but contact as many as you can to get the best price. Though don’t always go for the cheapest. As they say you only get what you pay for.


OK so you made the call what next?

When the locksmith arrives does he (A) say he going to drill your lock or (B) go through the options with you?

If you answered A then you have a cowboy. Not good. Any professional locksmith will go through the options with you. Drilling locks, or as we call them in the industry “destructive entry” should be done as a last resort. The professional locksmith will try “non destructive entry” techniques which as the name implies causes no damage to your property. If this isn’t possible then they would try to see if they can use other methods to get you in. Sometimes even the best locksmiths have to admit defeat and drill locks. Doesn’t mean that we are not proficient in what we do but that we have been beaten by the lock or situation.

As a final note, a professional locksmith should not use technical jargon with you but explain it in layman terms. If you are still unsure about what they have said or what they are going to do then ask them to clarify.


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