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Ever Been Locked Out?

It’s not a pleasant situation to find yourself in. You’re outside where it’s cold and it’s a nice and warm inside. However you can’t get in because you have lost your keys. What do you do? You could try and force entry by forcing the door or smashing a window. But that can end up being expensive especially if you could have avoided unnecessary damage. The next option is to call a locksmith out like us, Locks24. We love business like this. But if you want to save yourself money and time here are a few tips.

1. We have all seen it on TV. Someone loses their keys and low and behold they look under a flower pot, door mat etc and hey presto there is a spare key. DON’T DO THIS. Unsurprisingly this is the first place a thief will look. If you get burgled and there is no sign of forced entry most insurance companies will assume this is what happened (wrongly or rightly) and will not pay you a penny.

2. Leave a set of keys with a trusted neighbour, friend etc. Actually we would recommend more than one person as we recently attended a lock out where the customer left a set of keys with her sister but couldn’t get them because her sister was on holiday!!

3. If you don’t trust anyone enough to look after a spare set of keys then the best suggestion we have is a key safe as shown below. We can install these in very discreet locations. When we mean discreet we mean out of sight. Some people for some reason like to put these near their front door. It’s as good as putting a sign up to potential thieves and saying “Here are my keys. Come and get them.”


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