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What are Your Chances of Being Burgled?

How often do you think that a home in the UK gets burgled? One minute? Two minutes or maybe ten minutes? Shockingly the answer is forty seconds!! We couldn’t believe this statistic but when you the read the information available from the Office of National Statistics and the annual Crime Survey for England and Wales it makes interesting reading.

Most burglaries are carried out using door access recorded at a rate of seventy three per cent and three per cent of these doors were open or unlocked. We have said this over and over again, please lock your doors. When an insurance company finds out that a burglary happened in this manner they will not pay out.

So once you get burgled what then? It doesn’t get any better. You have a twenty five per cent chance that your house will be broken into again which means more trauma for you and your family. In forty per cent of cases items get stolen but your chances of getting any of your property back is nine per cent.

What can you do to stop being a victim? Make sure all your windows and doors are locked. If a property is being left unattended during the day leave a radio on. Repeat this process at night along with putting lights or lamps on timer switches which is an inexpensive way of making a thief think that someone is in, as most burglaries are opportunistic and not pre planned in nature. Also as approximately fifty six per cent of burglaries occur at night we recommend getting outdoor lighting installed, preferably with a motion sensor, wherever you have an external door to your property.

At Locks24 we can provide you with a free security check recommending, at no obligation to yourself, ways to make yourself secure. From primary security which includes upgrading locks etc to fitting secondary security for example shoot bolts in wooden doors. We have locksmiths covering Basildon, Billericay, Braintree, Brentwood, Canvey Island, Chelmsford, Dunmow, Maldon, Southend and Witham only a mouse click or phone call away.

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